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Adam Milstein: Business and Philanthropy at Work

If you keep up with the real estate market, you probably know about Adam Milstein. Adam is known for his contribution in the real estate industry. A prominent real estate investor, Adam Milstein is the managing partner at a firm known as Hager Pacific Properties. The firm has one of the most impressive portfolios in property management and ownership across the United States.

Apart from his real estate business, Adam is also a philanthropist who advocates for the position and well-being of Jewish community in the US. He is one of the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Adam started the Foundation with the help of his wife, Gila. Their aim was to encourage young Jews to learn about and appreciate their culture. The Foundation is recognized for offering mentorship and support to students from a Jewish background to strengthen their roots. Thanks to the Foundation, Adam Milstein has encouraged young men and women to get in touch with their heritage and learn Hebrew.


One of the things which the Foundation has managed to do is to inculcate the Jewish culture into young people from all around the world. Because of his work with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein has been recognized and added onto the list of top 200 philanthropists and social entrepreneurs in the US.


Adam Milstein is also the co-founder of IAC, also known as the Israeli-American Council. As the National Chairman of the Council, he has carried on his philanthropic activities and advocacy for the Jewish community. He drives his passion from helping other people in need for a better world.


Apart from his philanthropic work, Adam Milstein is also highly regarded as a role model to many young leaders. He was recently recognized for being among the top 200 most influential do-gooders across the globe. As a person who came from a humble background, Adam knows what it is like to be poor. He considers his philanthropic work as a way of giving back to the society, and to encourage more people to give.



The Revolutionary Changes Brought to JHSF by José AuriemoNeto

JHSF is the leading real estate Company in Brazil. The company was founded in 1972. JHSF is known for its ability to identify viable opportunities within its area of operation. JHSF can be described as a high-end company in the Brazilian real-estate sector. In the recent past, the company has shown outstanding performance as a pioneer in developing creative ideas, fearlessly delivering quality products and providing long-term solutions in all its projects. Besides being the leading player in commercial and residential consolidation, it has also led to continued real estate growth, monitoring of shopping centers and development of international commercial airports.

The company operates in other big cities such as New York in the USA, Punta del Este in Uruguay, Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. JHSF also manages Fasano Airport, Restaurants & Hotel. JHSF being the leader in foreign real estate management in Brazil, it has diversified its operations to participate in the field of recurring revenue. JHSF has seen the birth, administration and qualitative growth of shopping centers, the Catarina, Integrated Urban Development, Fashion Outlet and Executive Airport as well as luxury hotels. It is worth noting that JHSF is a public company. Sao Paulo Boyespa traded its shares in 2007 through JHSF3.

Jose Auriemo currently serves as the chairman and CEO of JHSF. Mr. Auriemo is responsible for the company’s interests in public developments, hotels, and buildings. Jose Auriemo Neto also administers the firm’s general retail and shopping portfolio. Auriemo also runs shopping centers in Manaus, Sao Paulo, and Salvador. Jose also leads two other development projects in Sao Paulo to grow the company’s investments.

In 2009, Mr. Aureimo oversaw JHSF’s first venture into retail outlets, opening several luxury brands, and signing partnership agreements with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. In 2012, JHSF partnered with Valentino to launch R.E.D. Valentino and Valentino stores in different parts of Brazil.

Mr. Auriemo is a graduate of Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University located in Sao Paulo. After graduating, Jose started working for JHSF. In 1997, Jose Auriemo Neto founded the company’s services departments. The department became successful, so in 1998, Jose decided to develop the company’s first shopping destination.

Nick Vertucci’s Million Dollar Real Estate Secrets

Nick Vertucci didn’t have the easiest childhood in the world. At the age of 10 he lost his father, leaving his mother to work long hours to make ends meet.

He began in business selling computer parts but slowly fell further and further into debt, losing everything except his home.

When a friend suggested he attend a three-day seminar on real estate training, everything changed. As Nick himself admits, “it was the best decision I ever made in my life to attend that workshop.”

From there, Nick Vertucci went on to become a millionaire in real estate business. And now he’s sharing his expert insight with you through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy—the NVREA.

Since 2013, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers solutions to the most common challenges that prevent people from having success in the real estate industry. Nick uses the same proven system he used to become a millionaire in real estate to give you the tactical and strategic advantages you’ll need to make big money in real estate too.

From prospecting for properties on, negotiating the deal, repairing the property and selling the finished product, Nick and his team guide you through the entire process of buying and selling property, making sure you’re never left alone to guess which property might be a potential moneymaker.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, in a nutshell, has a 3-step system for making money in real estate:

1. Find the best real estate deals available—they keyword here is low-cost. Buy low, sell high is the name of the game, so seek out properties with a low price tag that, with a little tender loving care, have the potential to sell for a whole lot more.

2. Once you’ve secured the deal and purchased the property, get to work renovating. Make it the most attractive property you can in preparation for selling it on the market on If the property is already in good condition, find a renter to live in the property—a vacant home doesn’t earn you any money.

3. The last tip is simple: sell that property! Once you’ve done all the legwork of steps 1 and 2 and found a buyer, it’s time to cash out. Flip that property and start all over again from step 1—never stop building your fortune.

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Learn more about nick Vertucci:

Smart Shared Office Space For Millennials: Workville NYC


In the past, offices had a structure to ensure people occupied different offices or sections. However, the generation of employees in today’s world is coming up with a completely different theory about working and living. They prefer co-living and co-working. The argument behind the need to work and live together is to provide an environment, which can help balance life and work. It is also a way of treating the isolation many people go through in life especially in the city.


Neglecting Essential Company


People have neglected basic issues to help them develop strong relationships. This is because they have shaky relationships with their family members. For those who are married, they also put less focus on molding their marriages to a center of love and affection. Therefore, co-working acts as a safety net someone will hang on if things do not work well.


Trained to be Interdependent


The generation in this century has no problem relying on others. This has been necessitated by the idea of foregoing to buy a car because Uber is available. Others also feel buying the expensive designer dresses is not necessary because they can instead rent the dresses. In such a case, the millennial expect the work environment to remain such interdependent. Over the years, people have also realized the need to work and stay with other people. This is because if an idea strikes even in the middle of the night, it will be easy to share ideas and generate even smarter solutions.


In a co-working and co-living environment, privacy is also needed. However, the millennial have been used to upholding their privacy even with people around them. This includes private phone booths accompanied with rules on how to respect boundaries. This helps ensure everyone is enjoying their peace and privacy.


Creativity in Workville


Work environment has been made even better with the luxury of friendly and luxurious Manhattan offices for rent at Workville. Companies wishing to move in are provided with ready offices. This includes shared offices where employees can spread out and work freely. They also offer 3 terraces providing ample space to employees to enjoy their time while working.


A culture of success and inspiration has been created through creative solutions. This means providing daily cleaning, fast internet services, fresh coffee, private phones and mail service. The printers plus the terraces make the office setting complete. They have been working with great clients in the past including ebay, zipcar, alleyboost, stabhub plus propsboard and many others.


The Sudden Change in New York Real Estate

The purchase of real estate is starting to drop off inside of New York. However, it looks as if it is more of a trend than anything else. Town Residential is one of the top, high-end, real estate providers in the city of New York, so they stay on top of the very latest in housing news. That is exactly why they are always looking for new ways to connect home buyers with the right property. Town Residential also knows it is necessary to point out what is going on with the housing market, as it can help buyers and sellers obtain the best price for their particular needs.

Town Residential works with clients who are looking to both buy a new high-end piece of real estate and also find a piece of property they can rent out. The company works throughout New York City apartments for sale, so whether someone wants to live in downtown Manhattan or they are looking to move outwards a bit more, such as in Queens or something similar, they are able to do exactly that. Whatever it is someone is looking for, they are able to find exactly what they need with the help of professionals at Town Residential.

In recent months, the push for real estate has started to drop off around the world. First, throughout Australia it happened, and then it eventually hit Miami and London. All of these locations are popular with foreign investors looking to purchase new real estate, yet it has drastically slowed. In fact, now that it is in New York, Manhattan apartment vacancies has reached the highest level it has been at in nearly nine years. Before this, owners had the ability to increase the price of rent a more substantial amount. However, now it is possible to do this. The rent might go up slightly, but even then, real estate owners are pushing it a bit.

The luxury real estate market is all but done within Australia and London. The market for these properties just isn’t where it use to be, which means prices are dropping quickly. The same is likely going to happen in New York. Once the market recovered, everyone want to purchase such a property, which, more or less, over inflated the value of the properties. It does look as if these properties are going to start to slow in sales and could potentially drop rather drastically.