The defection of Yeonmi Park from North Korea to the democratic country of South Korea has continued to make headlines around the world a number of years after her harrowing journey was completed. A article recently discussed the story of Yeonmi Park’s journey from North Korea to freedom, and the fallout that continues to follow her as she fights for the rights of those still trapped in North Korea. The journey to freedom was a long and hard one for Yeonmi Park and her mother, who faced the issues of starvation and abuse at the hands of human traffickers they placed their lives in the hands of.

Yeonmi Park has an amazing story to tell that begins with her family living in the relative comfort of the elite class of North Korea; despite this position the problem of starvation remained a threat, and prompted a life changing decision by her father to sell goods on the black market. A loss of position saw the family thrown to the lowest class of North Korean society, which led to the decision to seek the freedom of defection to South Korea. One of the amazing details of the journey made by Park and her mother is the supposed death of her sister, who would appear in South Korea years later after completing her own harrowing journey to freedom.

In writing her memoir Yeonmi Park was a young woman faced with the issue of revealing some of the most difficult experiences anybody could undergo in their life; the guilt Park felt at the death of her father from cancer is clear to see in her writings about the difficult journey. Despite attempts to discredit her life changing journey to freedom Yeonmi Park has vowed on The Reason to continue her fight to free as many from North Korean oppression as possible. The secrecy that takes place in North Korea on a daily basis has continued to make life difficult for Yeonmi Park and others who were born in North Korea to get real news into or out of the nation.