Inmate communications operations company Global Tel Link has been cited for multiple wrongdoings against the state of Louisianna. Securus Technology released information in a press release, published on their website on June 7th of 2016, revealing a series of information mediums that uncover the list of travesties GTL preformed against inmates, their families and the state of Louisiana’s Department of Corrections. Louisiana’s Public Service Commission uncovered a 17 page order citing that GTL added time to calls, increased the per-minute charges, charged higher rates than that which is acceptable rates and double charged individuals among other charges.

Securus Technologies of Dallas, TX released this list of integrity breaches preformed by GTL as though they were recent wrongs; however, these crimes were actually committed in 1998. Securus, who recently purchased JPay Inc mid of last year, stated that these crimes were relevant because of the numerous wrongs uncovered that will be reported in future press releases. JPay INC. held positions in 33 prisons at the time of purchase by Securus that provided services for electronic payments, emails and educational applications. has established information in regards to Securus Technologies that list it as “one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking, and government information”. Crunchbase reports Securus as having over 2,600 different prisons that it services within 45 US states, Mexico, Canada, the District of Colombia and is run at its base in Dallas, TX alongside 4 other metropolitan district offices. Crunchbase list one of these offices as located in Atlanta, GA.

Securus’s news release citing the inproprioties Global Tel Link preformed expresses Securus and its Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith as being outraged at the crimes preformed against their own consumers. This is not only an illigal act but a wrong that defies the type of positive, customer first business that Securus seeks to promote with their customers.