For those unaware, humankind remains a species of duplicity. On one hand, humankind remains capable of doing good. To expound further, humankind remains able to provide things to benefit the world such as sanctuaries that replenish the population of endangered species. On the other hand, humankind also remains capable of doing evil. To expound further, humankind remains able to develop nuclear weapons and drop them on each other. Moreover, humankind remains able to kill each other for no apparent reason. With that being said, Jews remain some of the most resilient people on Earth. Aside from possessing both a unique and a valuable culture, Jews remain able to sustain themselves in any situation. A perfect example includes the Holocaust and learn more about Kabbalah.


For those unaware, the Holocaust remains one of the most atrocious events that have ever taken place in Humankind’s existence. Moreover, the Holocaust claimed the lives of millions of Jews. This remains attributed to their religious affiliation. During this time, Nazi Germany seized control over much of Europe. Not only did the Nazis torture Jews, they sent them to concentration camps and savagely murdered them. In good news, Jews cumulatively survived and Israel remained established in their honor. In addition, Jewish facilities remain abundant around the world. In particular, the Kabbalah Centre International remains extremely popular. Since 1984, the Kabbalah Centre has remained in business. Moreover, the Kabbalah Centre remains headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Futhermore, it remains a non-profit organization and more information click here.


To expound further, the organization provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings both online and through their city-based centers around the world. Also, Philip Berg remains a founder of the center. Although the center caters to the Jewish community, the Kabbalah Centre International possesses a multi-ethnic and international staff. Moreover, the organization remains filled with teachers that offer kabbalistic teachings and assistance to its worldwide student community. Initially, Rabis taught the mysteries of the Kabbalah. However, they remained too complex and difficult that only students older than 40 could learn how to use it. Therefore, some traditionalists viewed the Kabbalah Centre as disrespect to Judaism’s ancient and mythical tradition and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

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