The majority of local businesses in the Lake Tahoe area rely heavily upon the cooperation of Mother Nature to enhance their success.

The north shores of the lake have not been so lucky in the past few years, as reported in a recent article by the Reno Gazette-Journal. Winters in the area have been suffering immense drought, negatively impacting the economy of the local businesses who depend on heavy snowfall to bring in winter enthusiasts.

The Lake Tahoe area is home to Squaw Valley Resort, found in the picturesque Olympica valley, where many of these winter enthusiasts travel to fine ideal winter sports terrain.

Unfortunately these local areas were not only struggling with the lack of snow; there was also a political struggle around an incorporation battle over the resort. However, there is good news on the horizon for president and CEO Andy Wirth.

The most recent season brought along with it winter precipitation early in the season resulting in the local resorts opening weeks before they have in a decade.
Those in favor of the incorporation effect provided political relief by formally withdrawing their effort to incorporate Olympic Valley. This was positive for Wirth, who considered the incorporation a threat to local businesses and the civic climate. Get the full details here: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

He felt that it would result in higher taxes for residents and businesses. On top of that, it would isolate Olympic Valley from other north shore communities. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their effort to stop the incorporation effect. T

he company intends to improve its real estate with more residential and commercial development. There are also plans to connect Squaw Valley to another local ski resort via gondola.

Once the incorporation effect was officially defeated, Wirth decided to turn his attention to getting the community put more effort into becoming a stable and cohesive unit when it comes to addressing things like improving transportation and issues that extend beyond just the Olympic Valley.

His selling point being that the community should be able to come together on a mutual love for the area.

Andy Wirth has been working tirelessly to make Squaw Valley one of the top tourist destinations in the world. He contributes to environmental as well as community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area, with an emphasis on improving the area for people of all ages. This information can be found at