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Great Mission to Change People’s Lives


Since 2007 when Talk Fusion was established, it has been committed to assisting people. We are happy to give back to communities by leading the way to help people build their futures as well as realize their dreams all over the world. Bob Reina who is the founder of this great mission is so much dedicated to change lives of most people as well as get the best out of them. Bob believes that success comes out from great responsibility and it is through his motivation and guidance that this company has managed to make impressive difference within a short period of time. This company is dedicated to find better solutions for individuals for them to lead a more positive life that is worth.

About Bob Reina
Bob Reina has been a great influence to most people around the world. Despite the many bumps in his career life, Bob has managed to remain farsighted and this has been made possible through self-discipline. He went to University of South Florida where he graduated as the first student in his class of the police academy. While doing his course work, Mr. Reina involved himself in several jobs and this made him have an insight to help people. He had an entrepreneurial itch and this made him begin using his sweat, desire and old fashion in direct selling. He was able to make steady paychecks in marketing and passion was his main driving force. Bob knew the real definition of success and it reached a point in his life that his friends and family thought he had gone crazy because of his big expectations.
His impact has been amazing and impressive to the people he has assisted. Bob has had awesome achievements such as donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as well as offering monetary support to the Indonesia Orphanage with an aim to save the lives of animals. Through his actions it is clear that he is dedicated to spearhead his vision.


It is clear that Bob Reina’s goal is to help non-profits organizations and charities in order for him to reach more people and educate them. This is quite encouraging.



Securus Delivers Analytical Tool

Securus technologies has recently announced on PR Newswire the release of THREADS 3.1. This tool is one of the most advanced “Big Data” products with full integration for the corrections market in the United States. The user interface has been updated to the most recent Internet based products. THREADS has been redesigned so that it is simpler to use and the system performance is improved. Among the things that were done was the elimination of certain aspects of the product so that it can be more efficient. Therefore, the user will have an easier time figuring out the technology, and using it will be easier. Also, people require less training in order to be able to use the technology.
Securus technologies is very innovative when it comes to corrections and law enforcement. It has developed technologies that make it easier for inmates to keep in touch with their families. Among the new advancements that Securus has made was the inclusion of video visitation. This allows families to get in touch with their inmates from their device at home. Family members of inmates can download the apps so that they can get in touch with their inmates and see how he is doing. Watch this youtube video to learn more.

Securus has also developed technologies to help with the correction process. For one thing, most people incarcerated are going to eventually be let out of prison. They need to learn some kind of skill so that they can adjust to the outside world and land employment to keep them out of prison. Securus has been serving more than 3,450 agencies involved with law enforcement, corrections, and public safety. Securus makes sure that they improve the efficiency of justice. Their apps can be downloaded through Google Play for Android and the App store for iOS devices. Instead of having long wait times to see inmates, people can now access them from anywhere with their devices.
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