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Securus and Its Able CEO Rick Smith.

Securus Company is the most prominent company in high tech provision. Through the help of their CEO Rick Smith the company is making significant steps. Rick Smith is ready to apply the same determination he applied to become an influential businessperson to see this happen.

A little Background of Rick Smith

The career of Rick Smith was shaped long before he began working. He attended the most prestigious schools in the state.He, therefore, has an affluent academic background. He has a degree and a master’s degree in engineering. He is also an MBA holder. His educational background gave him the needed skills of running a business.Apart from the rich academic background, Smith is very experienced. He worked in very many organizations before becoming the CEO of Securus Company. It is worthwhile to note that the experience of a CEO helps make a significant difference. It is the experience that differentiates a company and makes it unique. It also ensures that the firm survives hard times.

Rick Smith has an excellent reputation from the firms that he worked for before Securus. He worked in Frontier Corporation where he worked in different departments. These gave him the knowledge needed on what happens in all units. This is vital because it is the combination of the efforts of all units that bring success.Rick Smith later worked with Eschelon-Telkom. He worked as their president and chairman, and he was finally given the CEO position. In the years that he worked in Eschelon, he improved their revenue to $350 million from $30 million. He also raised EBITDA to $80 million. Rick Smith has, therefore, has a vast experience in the Telkom world.

It is this skills that the corporation must have seen in Rick Smith that led to his appointment as the CEO of Securus Company. He was the right individual for this position. This has been greatly magnified in the progress of the company.Securus Technologies has improved the lives of the inmates. This is through the provision of gadgets to make calls. Users of the Securus Technologies have confirmed their devices to be efficient. They also say that the rates are affordable.Rick Smith has invented video calls with the Securus Technologies. Rick says that a visitation is more fulfilling when the relatives get to see the inmates. This creates a stronger bond.Rick Smith is a futurist as well. He has a dream of availing the Securus Technologies in all the America correctional services. He is ready to invest in technology that makes every convict easily accessible.Everyone with a family in prison should try the Securus app. They will realize how easy it is to use. Rick Smith and his support staff are there to ensure the client gets nothing but the best.

Bob Reina: No Excuses

I don’t believe Bob Reina has a motto, but a good one for him is “No Excuses.” When it is time to do something, time to step up, and time to make a change, he is going to do it. It has been that way for ten years running now as the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the video communications service. It is a company that is truly out of this world in terms of what it does with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. However, that is only part of what makes Bob Reina tick. There is so much more to him than that.


Bob Reina is also the kind of person that uses his standing in the community to make a big difference and a big impact. Bob Reina wants results and if someone else is not going to do it, he will do it. He believes in patience, don’t get me wrong, but he also knows when the time for talk is over and the time for action takes place. It is why he has gone out of his way to make a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He knew these animals needed their lives saved, and it was up to him to do something major about it. These animals could not afford to wait any longer.


That is the type of man Bob Reina is, and it is why people connect with him, gravitate toward him, and truly respond to him. He is a full-blown leader, and he does not take that lightly in any way. When he knows people are counting on him and even animals, he does not want to come up with excuses for why something didn’t get done or why it wasn’t done on time. He has said that he has a responsibility to people out there.


With that responsibility, people know they are in good hands when they use Talk Fusion or when they need Bob Reina. That is a reassuring feeling and people need reassurance now and then in their lives.