Wine tasting parties are vastly becoming a norm in multiple homes. In fact, home owners have recently delved into hiring wine tasting gurus for professional help on how to go about the event. That is why Traveling Vineyard has been gracing such events with most clients giving the company a positive review in regards to the services provided. Having a wine tasting event under the guidance of Traveling Vineyard is one of the best decisions a home owner or event facilitator can make. From the professionalism involved to the art and skill-set that the management possesses, this is one of the leading service providers across the world.


Traveling Vineyard offers maximum valid advice when it comes to wine tasting. In private homes, these events call for more help than in public avenues. From having an informal atmosphere to receiving guests from different walks of life, Traveling Vineyard prides itself on its ability to incorporate all details for a converse wine tasting event. According to the company, the event does not require a lot of work in order to reach a certain level of sophistication. Usually, Traveling Vineyard uses what the client has to make the best out of the party. This is because as something the management handles frequently, it is an easy to handle project.

Budget and Theme

From the preparation to cleaning up eventually, Traveling Vineyard focuses on the development of an event that will leave the guests talking about the professionalism and environment. A wine tasting event requires minimum shopping. Just like the name suggests, it is all about wine. Depending on the selected wine, the budget can be surprisingly on the lower side. On the theme, an individual can select a variety of wine depending on preference. It could be Malbec from interesting places like France or Argentina, Chile as well as South Africa. This can be compared to vintage wine from different geographical places. While blind and budget-friendly wines can produce interesting wine tasting results, it is factual that the local wine merchant can give better options in the same line of selection.

Company Profile

For wine lovers who would like to invest in a well paying work from home initiative, Traveling Vineyard is a leading business venture that has served work from home mothers for some time. The company allows wine guides to work at the comfort of their homes. To be a member of this luxurious firm, registration is all that is required. Traveling Vineyard has a total of approximately 21 varieties of wines in different categories of red and white. In wine tasting events, the guides work with the event holders to make good and impeccable presentations for the guests to enjoy.

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