James Dondero is an entrepreneur in the finance industry. He is the co founder and president of the Dallas based investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. Dondero has run this company for over twenty years and has built it into one of the top firms in the industry. What has allowed James to set his company apart is the specialization of collateralized loan obligations. His firm provides full scale management of financial securities that are backed up by credit and debt. Since the 1990’s, James has expanded his firm to other locations throughout the world. Today, his firm has office locations in Singapore, New York City, Brazil and South Korea.

Before James started his career in finance, he attended the University of Virginia. At this college, James Dondero majored in and completed bachelor’s degrees in both accounting and finance. He graduated from the university with high honors and was among the top students in his class. After completing college, James accepted his first job as a credit investment analyst. This position entailed going over credit backed securities. Within a few years, James would gain a considerable amount of experience and eventually achieve the position of a chief investment officer. While holding this position, James managed billions of dollars worth of assets for major companies such as American Express.

After working for investment firms for a number of years, James started up his own financial services firm in 1990. His new firm would be one that provided life insurance policies to consumers. Within a few years, his firm was established as a very reputable one. However, James looked to make improvements with his firm. This entailed introducing more services that would meet the needs of many clients. James began offering services that would cater to a number of different clients such as high net worth individuals, pension fund investors, corporations and government entities.

Along with running a financial services firm, James spends a lot of his time participating in charitable activities. He often provides funding and support for a number of causes such as community development, healthcare, education and veteran’s affairs. With his regular contributions, James has been able to provide a very positive impact on his surrounding community.