White Shark Media has gone above the call of duty when it comes to utilizing constructive criticism. While their clients have had their fair share of complaints, White Shark listened to each of them and now several changes have been made to ensure customer satifsction across the board for existing and new clients alike.

On one front, clients became upset that communication between White Shark Media Complainst and themselves had been lacking. In response, additional monthly status calls were implemented to keep clients up to date with the progress of their AdWords campaign. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia

A new phone sytem was put into place to allow clients to call their contract person directly via a personal extension. To compensate for their lack of a SEO option, White Shark Media is offering clients the choice to have White Shark Media review all prospective SEO vendors in order for te client to find a reliable vendor to suit their needs.

After signing up, a Senior SEM Consultant now follows a client through every step and milestone of their membership to offer a familiar and trusted contact point to the client. In the beginning, all AdWords campaigns were run on White Shark Media’s own account, however as clients became more successful they were unable to branch out on their own.


Now, successful clients have been given the option to work independently from the beginning. A call tracking system has also been implemented to allow clients to keep a better track of customers acquired through telecommunications.

Call tracking is mandatory for all local clients, and is sow completely free for all AdWords management plans. The key to success is listening to feedback from your own customers, negative or positive, to allow your business to grow and thrive. White Shark Media has done an exemplary job of adjusting faults in their business to accommodate their clients.