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Alexandre Gama: Communications & Advertisement

For those that were not already aware, Alexandre Gama is someone who works as a Brazilian entrepreneur along with working as a creative professional. A lot of the work that he does is within the communications and advertising industry. Being the CEO and CCO of the Neogama company, he is someone who has a lot of responsibilities. He has helped the company become one of the top 20 agencies, and he continues to help the company to this day.

Having been born in 1958, Alexandre Gama is someone who was the first Brazilian to have been the head of a global network of agencies (he was working as the WCCO of the BBH). It is very easy to figure out how he has become such a well-known individual within his industry.


Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the type of young woman that demands attention. Her Lime Crime makeup line demands attention too. Her striking hair color and bold makeup line are focused on inspiring other young woman to bring out their creativity and to just be unique. This is a belief that she holds dear and her own brand philosophy. Lime Crime has a serious cult following that continues to grow. Doe Deere attributes this to the uniqueness of her makeup brand that specializes in bringing glittery sparkles and dramatic colors to makeup lovers. She’s been doing this since founding Lime Crime back in 2008.

A Totally Vegan And Cruelty Free Makeup Brand
It is important to note that Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty free. This is something that Doe Deere believes in very strongly and reflects her personal attitude about her brand. Today, vegan and cruelty free is a term that is tossed around a lot. Often, people mix the two different words up or assume that they mean the same. However, they both do have something in common. Both vegan and cruelty free products focus on eliminating animal products or using animals in the creation of their products. For example, vegan products are entirely free of any animal products. Cruelty free products were not tested on animals.

Embracing New Beauty Trends
Take a look in the retail stores and at many makeup sites online and you will discover that the unicorn trend is very hot. Deere notes that she has always had a special feeling about unicorns. They are very unique creatures and they enjoy their difference. Deere relates that there is nothing wrong about being different or unique. She would like to send this message to all her followers. The unicorn is the unofficial mascot of Lime Crime and a perfect representation of her own attitude about life. Deere relates further that she embraced the unicorn trend long ago with the glittery and magical colors in her makeup line. Now, other makeup lines are simply catching up with Lime Crime. Learn more:

Favorite Makeup Palette
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime and the CEO. You would imagine that she sits behind a desk all day, shuffling papers and answering telephones. The exact opposite is true. Deere likes to select the color palettes for all the makeup lines. She believes that lavenders, purples, and a few neutral colors make a really good palette. Those colors complement any outfit. These colors are very prominent in her new Venus Eye-shadow palette.

Tips For Women
Doe Deere knows that there are a lot of women that are very hesitant to wear the sparkly colors that are so on trend today and very prevalent in her cosmetic line. Deere’s advice is that those that are intimidated by sparkly colors should start slow. Perhaps, start with a bright lavender eye shadow. Wear the color around your house. Once you start to feel comfortable with the color, wear it on special occasions or as part of your regular daily makeup routine.

What Acquiring Flagship Europe Means for OSI Food Solutions

Ever since OSI Food Solutions first started their business, they’ve known they can help the food industry. They trust they can get better and they can give everyone the options they need to succeed. They also trust in the process of trying to give the community exactly what they’re looking for. Without the help they provide to others, OSI Food Solutions knows what they need to do. They’ve spent a lot of time giving people all the help they need so they can build up even the small restaurants they have as clients.

For OSI Food Solutions, trying to become relevant in every area is an important part of the business. They’ve spent a lot of time showing people there are things they can do and there are things that will help them grow as a company. They also know their plans may change based on all the options they have because of the experiences that made them great for the company. It is their way of giving everyone the things they need and that’s what they plan to do as they continue the growth opportunities they have with people they work with.

When OSI Food Solutions first acquired Flagship Europe, they found they were doing the right thing. Flagship Europe gave OSI Food Solutions the chance to truly put their roots down in Europe. It also allowed them to have more contracts with different companies around the continent. They needed these contracts to keep expanding their business. Because OSI Food Solutions knows what it takes to expand and knows how important it is to give people a chance at a better food industry company, they’re prepared to do what they need to keep the business going strong in different situations. As long as they can keep helping people, they can keep operating.

Despite the fact that some people may not know how they can help with the rebranding and positive image OSI Food Solutions puts out, they plan to always give everyone the things they need. It is their way of ensuring people can get more out of the business and people can do things right when it comes to the business. Without trying to help others, OSI Food Solutions knows what they can do. They also know that helping others is important in their line of work so they try to stay sustainable while also offering opportunities for people who can feel good about the right access to their business.

A New Direction Musically For The Chainsmokers

Almost everyone loves music. Music speaks to something deep inside the soul. When people listen to music, they often feel a range of pleasing emotions. Those who make music today want to please their fans. Yet they also want to help push forward the boundaries of musical innovation and create something that makes them feel good about what they do artistically.

One band that has continued to push such limits and create something truly special are The Chainsmokers. When they first burst unto the scene, it was their ability to capture the mood and embody the zeitgeist that helped bring a large and happy fan base. They had several goals at that time. They wanted to be true to themselves musically. They also wanted to be popular and successful.

In many ways, they are pleased to demonstrate to the world that they’ve been able to accomplish both goals and create something of lasting value to their fans around the world. As a singing duo, they know that they have what it takes to create hits that top the pop charts.

A New Mood

As they look around at the music scene today, the duo may be excused for feeling a certain level of pressure. Their prior success in this field has been quite impressive. Yet, as with so many creative people, neither member of the team is willing to rest. They want to continue to explore new ventures and new ways of musical expression. It is with this idea in mind that both continue to look to the future in order to explore different musical forms. For several months, the two did not put out a single new piece of music. However, in the last few weeks, they have chose again to return to their roots and put out a new song they think their fans will enjoy. The new single explores a darker side and a darker point of view than their previous work. they hope that fans will truly appreciate their attempts at exploring new emotions and new ways of seeing the world around them.

Dr. David Samadi : Prostate Cancer Early Miracle Worker

Following 1979’s Iranian Revolution Dr. David Samadi fled Iran, 15 years old at the time, moving to Brussels then London with his brother. After, Dr. Samadi moved to Roslyn, New York and finished his high school degree there. In 1994, he got his bachelors from the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he studied Biochemistry. Dr. Samadi received training in proctocology from the Montefiore medical center in 2000. Since then, he became part of the American Urologic Association Society of Urologic Oncology. His research and contributions to prostate cancer have categorized him as an acclaimed surgeon. So far, the number of surgeries he has performed ranges over 7000. Though his prostate cancer surgery procedures are what puts him ahead of other surgeons.

Dr. David Samadi has figured out a way for his robotic surgery method to subside side effects of the surgery like muscle pain and blood loss. One secondary effect always cautious to patients are sex nerves impacted during the procedure as well as the bladder control function. Dr. David Samadi performs the surgery with a SMART technique, a technique where the smallest amount of impact and movement is made on other nerves, and is able to detect prostate cancer early on when it can be curable. His success is seen through plentiful reviews posted on his medical site. Dr. David Samadi has performed these robotic surgeries on over 800 patients.

After Dr. David Samadi performs his surgeries most patients can go back to their normal lives in little to no time. Dr. David Samadi has been featured on the Best Doctors List since 2004. In 2015 he received special recognition from the Best List of Doctors in New York on New York Medicine. Dr. Samadi hosts his own show Sunday Housecall where he discusses prostate cancer and his advancements towards the disease. Listeners can tune in almost everyday to the program on the Fox Network. Dr. David Samadi is chief surgeon of robotic surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi has mentioned his work of mouth recommendations vital to his success, so much that he recently performed surgery on ex-governor Mitt Romney prostate cancer. He chose to perform surgery over radiation which he mentions is important in terms of treating cancers.

Local School Program

Nexbank is a local bank located in the Dallas area. The bank has been in business for many decades. Over the past few years, the leaders of Nexbank have made various investments in the local community. Not only does the bank donate profits to various charities, but many workers enjoy volunteering for numerous causes. The bank recently decided to offer a financial planning program for customers. The purpose of this program is to educate customers on the basics of personal finance. Some people struggle to manage their money each month.

Helping Students

Nexbank also offers a savings class for students. Many students want to save money for their first car or college. Nexbank provides a class to students on how to open a savings account. Opening a savings account is a significant first step for many students.

Nexbank Plans

The leaders of Nexbank firmly believe that the company is poised for high rates of growth. Unlike a lot of banks, Nexbank does not have too much debt. Instead, the company has a strong balance sheet. The leaders of Nexbank have discussed adding another location in Dallas. Some customers have to drive for hours to reach the bank. There are also plans to revamp the current website to make online banking easier on customers.

Financial Help with Southridge Capital

When you’re able to get help with your finances, you’re going to find that this allows you to breathe easier and feel better about your situation. Unfortunately, it is difficult for you to make use of your own finances if you’re experiencing tons of different problems. This is when hiring a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital comes in handy. Southridge has been in business for quite awhile and has worked with thousands of different clients. Before you make the decision to do the work yourself, it is time for you to think about choosing Southridge Capital and seeing what they are able to do for you. You can visit LinkedIn.

There is a reason why a lot of people make the decision to give Southridge Capital a try for themselves. Not only are you hiring a good company that has worked with both business owners and individuals, but you’re also going to get the help that you need at a reasonable price. This prevents you from spending a ton of money and not knowing how you’re going to ever get out of the hole of debt that you have because of the work that needs to be done. Southridge Capital can be contacted if you’re interested in hiring them and finding out how much they are going to charge for their services. For more details visit Crunchbase.

You are going to love the different services that Southridge Capital provides to those who are interested in hiring them. They are a financial solutions agency experienced in all things debt and credit related. Because of this, it is easy to see why you need to make use of a good company and know that they’re there for you when you need it the most. There are tons of different people out there right now who are choosing Southridge Capital and finding this company to be a great choice for their needs. Now is a good time to give the experts of Southridge Capital a try for yourself and see why they are a reliable source for any and all of the financial problems that you have at the moment.

Eric Lefkofsky Business Ideas

Starting a business is a long and challenging process. Some people want to become a business owner. Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur in the health industry. He is passionate about helping customers achieve a higher level of health.

Eric Lefkofsky started several companies before finally having financial success. His first business idea was a complete disaster. Not only did the company go out of business, but he ended up deeply in debt.
Before starting a company, creating a business plan is essential. It is also wise to consult with successful business owners.


Eric Lefkofsky’s current business is called Tempus. Tempus is a health company that focuses on improving the lives of customers. Numerous people want to live a healthy lifestyle. Few people succeed in losing weight or building muscle without professional help.

Although Tempus is a small company, it is expanding. Eric Lefkofsky concentrates on providing excellent customer service to all of his clients.

Business Tips

Eric Lefkofsky has had a successful career as a business owner. He enjoys giving business and financial advice to young people. He even started a local club to focus on helping other people in this field.

He recommends that people start small when developing a new business. Without prior experience as a business owner, most people will make mistakes along the way. Eric Lefkofsky made numerous errors when he started his first company.

Eric Lefkofsky also recommends avoiding debt in a business. Some people borrow way too much money to get a company started. Too much debt can decrease cash flow and cause numerous other issues. Eric Lefkofsky is currently working on several new business ideas. He is excited about the future of Tempus, and he enjoys helping his customers achieve their health goals. Anyone who wants to start a company should follow his advice.

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Lime Crime Gives you the Colors you Need

Doe Deere is not your average makeup and fashion designer. She is all about incorporating bright colors and eye-popping palettes into her work. Deere, also known as the “Unicorn Queen,” and founder of Lime Crime, is no stranger to color and has a real passion for art and brilliant hues. She is compassionate and passionate, and she shows her true colors through her Lime Crime collections.


Deere loves to come up with original stuff. From her makeup to her clothing line, she knows how to make her outfits and eye shadow pop. When she was designing her own clothing, she wanted to compliment it with coordinating makeup, but since that wasn’t happening, she created her own. The look caught on, and people wanted to know where her great makeup could be bought. She decided that she needed to create collections for her fans and she did.


Deere has always been a colorful person, but she did not always have a clear direction in mind when she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. She ended up dropping out to pursue her own path, and this ended up being a good choice.


Her blog got the word out on the street, and then the sales began to pour in. She has over 3 million followers n her Instagram account and counting. Deere takes to heart what her fans have to say, and she listens to any, and all feedback so that she can improve her products in any way that she can. She has even spoken at PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour about being a female entrepreneur and her amazing products.


Deere’s journey to fame and success did not come without hardships and challenges, but she managed to overcome them, and she is now CEO of her very own company, Lime Crime.


Deere believes that it is very important to do what makes you happy and that beauty can make you happy. It is important to be able to show your colors, and if you don’t have enough options when it comes up to your makeup and fashion, then you are not truly able to express yourself.


She is a supporter of good causes such as the Bideawee animal shelter, Adopt NY, and HOLA for Kids, just to name a few. She draws inspiration form many people and one of her favorites is Karl Lagerfeld. He is one of her favorite authors.


Lime Crime products are vegan, cruelty-free, and nothing short of absolutely fun and invigorating. The colors are rebellious and exciting, and there is a color for every mood imaginable. They are even cruelty-free certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny so you can feel good about using their products. Lime Crime has something for everyone from their unicorn hair dyes to their eye shadows. They are not your mother’s products and are as expressive and unique as you are. With colors like neon peach, jello, and tweet, the names of the products are as much fun and the colors themselves! Learn more:

Talkspace: Bypassing Barriers to Therapy

Since the election of President Donald Trump, Talkspace’s business has increased dramatically. On Election Day 2016, the company served five to seven times more clients than normal. On Inauguration Day, the volume was three times the usual.

Launched in 2012, Talkspace is an Internet-based mental health service. Via the Web, callers work with mental health professionals. The customer chooses a therapist to correspond with online. Correspondence can be by email, or, if necessary, video. Plan prices begin at $32 a week, and the company does not accept insurance.

More than half a million people have used Talkspace’s services. Most check in with their therapists once or twice each day. Most callers are millennials, aged 33 or 34.

Talkspace’s customers are about 75 percent Democrat and 20 percent Trump supporters. There has been an increase in female (about 70 percent of clients are women), minority, LGBT, Muslim and Jewish clients, and many people are anxious about healthcare, specifically Obamacare.

Talkspace helps people get past barriers to the therapy that they need. And customers are raving about the service.

A client named Erin Brodwin praised her therapist: “Her responses were thoughtful, detailed, and insightful.”

Michelle leads a life of travel and change. She appreciates how Talkspace fits her lifestyle. She felt much better after two months with Talkspace.

A single mom named Terri Linton had little time or money for therapy. With Talkspace, she got past those barriers and found a therapist who understood her needs.

Jessica Caldwell, a Wall Street Journal columnist, turned to Talkspace to help with anxiety. She benefitted from messaging and from video conferences.

So, are customers calling because of Trump? It isn’t clear. The anxieties may have already been present, but the election has triggered them. Regardless of cause and effect, since November 2016, Talkspace has grown 70 to 80 percent faster than projected.